Compression Rate

Description of Sports Compression

Very powerful compression for maximum performance. It is designed for top athletes and to withstand even extreme conditions. As the only one, this compression directly targets muscles, where its effect is the greatest.

Strong compression for sports activity. This compression significantly improves sports performance. It is designed for active athletes at amateur, semi-professional, and professional level. This compression is graduated. It is the strongest at the ankle and gets weaker up towards the knee.

Medium compression for active regeneration. This medium-grade sports compression intended primarily for regeneration and also for the prevention of thrombosis during travel.

Mild compression for recreational sports. This compression is suitable for children or as a complement to our performance compression products.

Medical Compression

It is medical compression corresponding to compression power 23 – 32 mmHg. It can be understood as an equivalent of strong sports compression and can be used to prevent travel thrombosis and chronic venous disease.