1. Why ROYAL BAY®?

Quality – We use only top-quality materials, perfectly tested product designs and, above all, high-quality compression. In cooperation with Masaryk University in Brno, we have developed technologies that guarantee maximum support for and improvement of sports performance. 

Experience – Thanks to the long-term development of our sports products, we know how to make compression work properly and what type of sports compression to choose for what sports activity. We have created this unique know-how not only based on our experience with medical compression but also through thorough testing in collaboration with our sports ambassadors.

Tradition – ARIES has been manufacturing products with certified medical compression for 25 years. In many ways, our sports and medical products have become an inspiration for manufactures both on the Czech and European markets.

2. What is compression good for?

Compression supports muscle performance, speeds up regeneration, and protects muscles from injury during exercise and on travels.

3. How does compression work?

Proper compression fastens the muscle, preventing blood from spilling freely across the bloodstream of the compressed muscle. As a result, the blood flows faster through the muscle, sweeping metabolites and oxidizing the muscle tissue more quickly. Also, muscles are better supplied with needed minerals and salts. Sports compression stabilizes the muscle mechanically, too, and activates it before performance.

It is essential to measure the circumference of the muscle correctly to guarantee the beneficial effects of compression!

4. Why should you avoid cheap compression products?

When compression knee-high socks are manufactured from low-quality materials outside of the Czech Republic without the possibility of effective quality control using only simple technologies, then it is certainly possible to offer them for a few euros.

Dangers of poor-quality compression products:

  • The upper hem may choke the calf and bring about health problems.
  • Compression is either too strong or too weak and therefore does not work properly.
  • The compression curve does not have the correct course and may even be harmful.

This is not the route we will ever take. We manufacture our compression products only from the finest LYCRA® elastane. Our products have a number of great benefits, and since we have our development centre and manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic, we have full control over the quality of our goods – from the materials used, to their processing and dispatch.

5. How do I choose the right product for me?

Success lies in the correct size. Before you choose the size according to the size table, first measure the circumference of the muscle. This measurement is vital for compression to work properly.

Compression type (targeted, graduated, medical) and compression strength (very strong, strong, medium, light) are also crucial. These parameters determine how intense and in what way compression will work on the muscle during exercise.

6. How does compression boost performance?

Compression supports the proper functioning of the muscle. It accelerates the flow of blood through the muscle, speeds up removal of metabolites (e.g., lactic acid), and promotes oxygenation of muscles and supply of minerals. This delays the onset of fatigue, prevents spasm, and promotes regeneration after exercise. Compression also mechanically stabilizes the muscle. This prevents shocks and protects the muscle from possible injury. Another important feature of compression is muscle activation before exercise. Thanks to better blood circulation, the muscle gets warm and activated before physical strain.

7. What other benefits does compression have?

Compression prevents the development of thrombotic diseases during travel, promotes faster regeneration, and teaches athletes to think about their own bodies, performance improvement mechanisms, and the right and sustainable form of exercise.

8. What do I get for my money?

Above all, our products are about top quality that you can count on even in the most demanding situations. You will also appreciate the number of benefits our products offer, as well as the health effects of medical compression.

9. I am an amateur athlete. Will compression help me, too?

Definitely! Compression supports the proper functioning of the muscle in general, regardless of your performance level. Correctly selected compression accelerates regeneration and protects muscles from injury during exercise.

10. Is compression suitable for children?

Very strong and strong compression is suitable for athletes from 18 years of age.

However, the product lines Air, Neon, and Classic contain HIGH-CUT and LOW-CUT sports socks that are also suitable for junior athletes.

Alternatively, you can check our Relax and Start compression knee-high socks which offer mild compression that is suitable also for junior sportsmen.

11. What should I do if I do not fit into size tables?

If you are on the border between two sizes, then choose the smaller size for your feet. Socks are very flexible and half a size up or down is not a problem.

As for muscle circumference, this depends on your experience and expectations. If you already have some experience with sports compression, then do not be afraid to choose a smaller size. However, if you are new in compression, we recommend choosing a larger size instead.

If you have small feet (sizes 36 – 38) but a large calf (size C3), then a combination of LOW-CUT sports socks and compression sleeves (Extreme, Neon, Air, Classic) can be the right choice for you. Alternatively, you can choose Relax or Start compression knee-high socks that do not require the measurement of the calf circumference (due to their light compression).

If you have a feet size greater than 47, then we recommend that you only purchase compression sleeves that will fully provide all the compression benefits and combine them with your own sportswear.