Sports Wristband ROYAL BAY®

Sports Wristband ROYAL BAY<sup>®</sup>
Sports Wristband ROYAL BAY<sup>®</sup>

The Sports wristband ROYAL BAY® is made of extremely absorbent cotton in a universal size. The wristband is available in black and white colours. The sports wristband ROYAL BAY® is an ideal accessory for every sport.

Nordic walking Team Sports Running
5,00 €

94% Cotton, 2% PAD Nylon, 4% elastan Lycra

The cotton fibres give the product its fineness and long life.

Maintenance:Údržba kompresních produktů ROYAL BAY

Wash in a washing machine at 30 °C using a gentle cycle. Do not bleach the product. Do not iron the product. Do not clean the product chemically. Do not dry the product in a tumble dryer. Do not use softeners to wash the product.

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